while you work

It’s time to change how you engage with your people.

Whstl is a live news stream, a highly engaging mobile storytelling channel that puts your brands stories, news, culture and vision into the hands of your people.

Whstl while you work.

Access anytime.

Gone are the days of complicated technology. Whstl sits in the cloud, which means everyone in your team has access to the your app where ever they are, on whatever device they’re using.

Discover stories.

Your team can freely view the latest content, news and stories, whenever they want and can customise their new feed based on what’s important to them. They’ll even get notifications when new stories are posted.

Rich content.

Storytelling is a fantastic way to make strong connections with people throughout your organisation. Whstl makes it easy to personalise these connections, with videos and images that make your broadcasts more meaningful and memorable.


Instigating conversations is a great way to engage with your team. Creating polls and inviting people to comment, 'like', or feedback on particular stories means you get to know them and gain better insights into what matters to your workforce and colleagues.


Gathering detailed analytics and metrics around how your people engage with your stories means you can craft your online content accordingly - allowing you to be more proactive around issues that are important to you and your team.

How does Whstl help?

An engaged and informed workforce translates to a happier team, reduced turnover and increased employee advocacy - ultimately resulting in better experiences for your customers. It’s that simple. If you’d like to learn more about our team engagement app, give us a Whstl.

We look forward to hearing from you.